A guide to Buying Victoza Online

Hello reader, this website exists with the purpose of guiding you on your Victoza purchase, and aims to provide all the necessary information about Victoza and its main component liraglutide.

First and foremost, you must know that Victoza is a prescription drug that was developed for patients with type 2 diabetes. It has the benefit of helping your body control blood sugar, and does not contain insulin. Though Victoza was not meant to be a weight loss product, it does induce loss of weight in patients with and without diabetes. So considering purchase of Victoza for weight loss is not uncommon.

So you would like to buy Victoza in Canada. That’s easy once you have that prescription. There is a large choice of online pharmacies that will sell and ship your Victoza injections right to your doorstep, without you having to leave your comfy chair.

For example: canadianinsulin.com (shipment: Canada, USA)
They sell Victoza Injectable Pens 0.6 Mg/mL 2×3 ml or 3×3 ml priced at $257.49 USD and $379.99 USD respectively. They claim to work only with licensed pharmacies over Canada as well as Canadian Doctors. This helps them provide medications in every part of Canada. Their handling meets all the standards required to get Victoza injections over to you safely.

A Canada based website youdrugstore.com (shipment: USA, International, except Canada)
Will help you buy Victoza online in USA. Offers Victoza 6mg/ml solution at a price of $228.87 USD for 2 x 3ml pens and $343.87 USD for 3 x 3ml pens. They ship mainly to US, but if you require international shipment, one of their representatives will contact you regarding shipment to your location. Note that despite their Canadian origin they do not ship to Canada. Before shipment is made they require a valid prescription from you. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can contact their customer service and if that does not solve your problem, their 90 day return policy most likely will.

For buyers in the UK  go to theonlineclinic.co.uk
They are a UK based company, and as the site name says are an actual online clinic. Their aim is to provide correct assessment and prescription of necessary medication to their patients. They assess and prescribe medications online, all that is required is to submit a registration form. Prices are available upon registration. If their doctor approves you can get your medicine delivered the next day. It is uncertain if they will allow prescription of Victoza(liraglutide) for weight loss, because Victoza itself is not directly approved by EMA for weight loss. However they state that Victoza is prescribed for weight loss (off label) by some doctors that believe the overall health benefits to outweigh the risk of potential side effects.

Check out www.pharmacy2u.co.uk as well
This website offers the possibility to buy Victoza 6mg/ml solution for injection in pre-Filled Pen(3ml each) in quantities of either 2 pens or 3 pens which cost £98.10 and £147.15 respectively. Note that because Victoza is a prescription medicine, it is a legal requirement that you must have an original prescription issued from a Doctor before your order can be processed. Upon checkout you will be asked to register or login with your NHS(National Health Service) account. Follow the steps to complete the procedure. If you do not have a prescription or if you are uncertain that you need Victoza, they have an online consultation service called “Online Doctor”.

By the way, pen needles do not come with the pen so you should get some 32G Tip disposable needles too. The Brand recommended by Novo Nordisk (the producer of Victoza) is the NovoFine 32G 4mm or 6mm.

Here are some helpful tips that you may consider useful while looking to buy Victoza online or from a local pharmacy.

Do not let yourself do self-medication.
This one should be a no-brainer, but just in case you consider yourself knowledgeable enough to go and somehow buy Victoza without a doctor’s prescription, and use it, don’t, just don’t. The amount of harm you may cause to yourself, is not worth the try or the possible benefits that the drug may have. Every person who is thinking of taking in C172H265N43O51(which happens to be the chemical formula of liraglutide) should at least know the possible consequences and the possible benefits.

Know your doctor.
With self-medication hopefully out of our the question, we now know that the only valid way to obtain a Victoza prescription is to get it from a certified physician.
But what does “certified” mean? What is the minimal competence required to assess your condition, issue a valid diagnosis and prescribe proper medication? Well if you live in the USA, Canada or UK you are in luck as there are multiple websites that allow you to verify if your doctor has a valid license that allows him to practice.

In the US there is there are organizations called medical “boards”. Doctors that wish so, may have their competence evaluated by a “board”. This helps the doctor assure his employers or his patients that his(her) knowledge of the areas of medicine, which he has been examined in, is adequate.
To help ensure that a board evaluates a specialist properly that board may be certified by the following organizations:

  • the American Board of Medical Specialties
  • the American Board of Physician specialties
  • the American Osteopathic Association

These organizations create, and develop sets of standards required for specialist evaluation. After the standards are developed a board may choose to subscribe to them and by doing so it must stay true to those standards while certifying a physician.
If your doctor is certified by a board that has in turn been certified by the organizations listed above, that is a good indication that your specialist is competent in his(her) area of expertise, however if that is not the case you will have to look into the board yourself to make a judgment if it’s standards meet your criteria.

The information above may be incomplete and the author does not claim it is error free, please use it at your own discretion. Your main guidance in the course of your medication should be your doctor’s professional advice.